Porch Planter Stand Gallery

Browse these collections to view a sampling of our design choices for each style of board or type of workshop. This is for informational purposes, not for booking a workshop. To book a workshop, please visit the "Book A Workshop" tab on the website or call 352-209-7588. Please note not everything is always available for a workshop or private party, some things are seasonal or limited edition projects. Also note, due to the extensive gallery, we may accidentally forget to update a price here verses the Book a Workshop tab because we are human and make mistakes! Prices will always go by what's currently posted on the Book a Workshop section for that particular board size. 

No time to attend a workshop, but need a new piece for the home or that perfect gift for someone special? No problem! Order any one of these designs, and we will gladly make it for you! Once you place your order, we will be in touch regarding colors, time frame, additional costs, etc. 

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