02/23/2019 6pm-9pm Open Paint Workshop--ALL AGES WELCOME! (The Villages) dont use

Join us for our new Open Paint Workshops! No reservation necessary but you can if you want to guarantee your design and your seat! All ages welcome! Come to The Villages studio anytime Saturday between 6pm and 9pm and choose from a variety of pre-cut boards and stencils. We will even have some pre-stained boards to save time if you are in a rush! Personalization may be available depending on instructor and number of participants, small fee may apply. Prices will range from $20 on up. We ask that each guest purchase a project in order to have a seat in the studio.

Please note some designs may be sold out when you arrive (unless you place an order here) and we may have some new designs there waiting for you that you don't see here! Want to make something you don't see? Send us a message and we can add it! 

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